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S|Schlossberg: Buildings and their users

Atop the Schlossberg lies the most prominent building of the Philipps-Universität: The Landgrave Castle, where the founder of the university, Landgrave Philipp the Magnanimous, was born in 1504. The castle's Fürstensaal is used nowadays for high-profile events, and the Philipps-Universität’s Museum of Cultural History is also located in the castle. Adjacent to the castle is the Hessian Scholar Institute. Down the hill from the castle, in the former chancery of the Landgrave, is the Religion Department with its religious studies collection.

S|01 Landgrafenschloss

Schloss 1+2

S|02 Landgräfliche Kanzlei

Landgraf-Philipp-Straße 4


Schloss 3


Schloss 4

S|05 Hexenturm

Schloss 5