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Sajama (Bolivia)
Sajama Vulkan, Bolivien.
Eine der höchsten Baumgrenzen der Erde (Polylepis tarapacana).

Biogeography and Biodiversity Research

Biogeography is the study of the spatial distribution of organisms differing in phylogeny (species, populations) or function (functional groups and features) and their associations (communities, ecosystems and biodiversity). Its purpose is to identify, understand and predict these distributions.

Biogeography and biodiversity research in Marburg focuses on plants (vascular plants, mosses and lichens), particularly in mountain and tropical systems. The past, present and future human impact on vegetation and the distribution of species (e.g. through climate change) is a central part of this research.

Currently the Biogeography and Biodiversity research theme is represented by two research groups:

Research group Hochgebirgsforschung  (Prof. Georg Miehe)

Research group Ecological Plant Geography (Jun. Prof. Maaike Bader)

Further, independent biogeographers at the Faculty of Geograhy are Dr. Kerstin Bach and Dr. Jürgen Kluge

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