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Soil Science and Hydrology


Soil Science and hydrology in Marburg focuses on pedological and aquatic ecosystems.

The manifold effects of changing environmental conditions on all components of soil and water resources and ecosystems are a key issue.

Adopting a multidisciplinary approach and incorporating basic and applied research this group closely examines pedological and hydrologic processes with respect to their spatial distribution, temporal dynamics and interrelationships. Performing biochemical analyses to assess water quality, and water and material flow they aim at developing strategies for a sustainable management of water resources.

Methodologies encompass soil classification, chemical and physical properties analyses, and the assessment of hydrologic soil properties with respect to flood generation.

As of May 2013 Junior Professor Peter Chifflard has joined the Soil Science and Hydrology group to collaborate with Professor Christian Opp. Both researchers and their teams are responsible for teaching soil science and hydrology in Marburg. Their research covers a wide field of pedological and hydrologic issues. For detailed information on their research please visit the following websites.


Arbeitsgruppe Boden- und Hydrogeographie  (Prof. Christian Opp) 

Arbeitsgruppe Soil and Water Ecosystems (Jun. Prof. Peter Chifflard)

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