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Deutschhaus - Hauptgebäude des Fachbereichs (Foto: Maik Dobbermann)

Welcome to the Department of Geography

A warm welcome to our international members and visitors.

Geography degree programmes at the Philipps-Universität Marburg focus on the study and analysis of physical and human environments, along with the interrelationships binding them together. We invite prospective students to learn what makes studying geography in Marburg exceptional. Research and teaching encompasses a wide range of subjects, covering all fields of physical and human geography. For detailed information on research and teaching please explore our fields of expertise.

Situated in the historic Deutsches Haus, our department combines traditional ambience and state-of-the-art facilities. We are committed to creating an excellent learning and research environment for our more than nine hundred students and scientists. For expert advice on studies and science please contact a member of staff or the departmental Student Advisory Service. To view or download official application and declaration forms or documents on guidelines and regulations please visit our German website.

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Which pages are available in English?
Unfortunately our web pages have no full support for the English language, only important informations are available. All pages with with English support are listed below:
   - Climatology & Environmental Modelling
   - Biogeography & Biodiversity Research
      - Research group: Ecological Plant Geography
   - Soil Science & Hydrology
   - Urban Geography, Spatial Planning & Development
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