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Images of the "Middle East" – Reception and Responsibility

International Workshop

Images continue to determine the news and public perception of the "Middle East" in Europe and elsewhere. The current crisis related to terror and refugees demands another critical look at media production, reception and responsibility in the Middle East. 

The workshop attempts to approach these issues from multidisciplinary angles, bringing together experts from film and media studies, politics, and Islamic studies well as practicing filmmakers and journalists. The main discussion will revolve around examining possibilities, alternatives and limitations of visual media production and perception in / about the Middle East. Key questions include: What are the images that shape media production and reception today? How are those images transmitted and circulated? And to what extent do Othering and Stereotyping influence public reception? In short: what do we see when we see the Middle East?

The workshop aims to examine responsibilities and limitations of media coverage and analyze future research priorities and alternative forms of media production such as blogging and Vlogging, social media, embedded, citizen and peace journalism. The discussion is open to various topics and case studies including, but not limited to, the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Arab spring, and migration and terrorism in Europe. 



Workshop Organization: Prof. Abrecht Fuess, Prof. Malte Hagener, Dr. Ihab Saloul, Philipp Rückriem


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