Parenthood, parental perceiptions, and struggles among LGBTIQ+ individuals

Ringvorlesung im Sommersemester 2023 im Rahmen des Studienprogramms "Gender Studies und feministische Wissenschaft" mit Themenschwerpunkt, unterschiedliche geographische Kontexte und Perspektiven auf LGBTI*Q-Politik in einer postkolonialen Welt zu thematisieren.


22. Juni 2023 18:00 – 22. Juni 2023 20:00
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Landa Mabenge

Landa Mabenge is a PhD candidate in Public Health (UCT) and holds a MA cum laude from Sussex University (UK) which earned him the annual Top Sociology Scholar Award for 2020. He is an educationalist through his independent consultancy, Landa Mabenge Consulting; and is the author of Becoming Him-a trans memoir of triumph. His research focuses on access to inclusive therapies for trans and gender diverse populations at public university clinics in South Africa.

Landa is the first known transgender man to successfully motivate a medical aid for the payment of his gender affirming surgeries in South Africa. He uses his intersectional lived experience (which encompasses all aspects of his humanness) as a catalyst for his academic and research work. He is an alumnus of the US Mandela Washington Fellowship (MWF), UK Chevening Scholarship and US Global Advocacy Fellowship programs. 

Outside of his academic and consulting work, he sings Tenor 2 for the Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town, is a regular at running gigs across Cape Town as part of Team Century City Athletics and is an avid sparkling water drinker.


Landa Mabenge
Dr. Madeleine Muller


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