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Securitization and Desecuritization in International Trusteeship Administrations

T. Bonacker

The subproject compares dynamics of security in cases of external administrations instituted by the UN (Kamerun, Togo, Papua Neuguinea, Timor-Leste, Kosovo). Comprehensive as well as specific conditions for the emergence and application of repertoires of desecuritization and securitization are analysed as part of statehood building. Furthermore, the aim is to scrutinize their impact on the consolidation and challenges of domination through trusteeship.

2014-2022, funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

This project is part of the Collaborative Research Cluster 138 "Dynamics of Security"

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bonacker

Team: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bonacker, Dr. Werner Distler, Maria Ketzmerick, Julius Heise, Theresa Bachmann und Leonie Disselkamp

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