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Sprachvariation@Schule (Language variation@school)


The platform Sprachvariation@Schule addresses teachers in the whole German-speaking area. The aim is to make modern scientific results accessible to schools and thus at the same time to push the thematization of "languages in language", which is regulated in the state guidelines but only insufficiently implemented. We understand language variation in a broad sense and welcome contributions on different topics:

  • Language history
  • Dialectology
  • Language in the media
  • Youth language
  • Specialized languages
  • Language contact and much more.

As a core area of the platform, a repository for teaching materials is being prepared, which can be accessed free of charge. An editorial board is currently being compiled for the scientific and didactic quality control of the materials.

Furthermore, a keyworded bibliography is being created, which will attribute textbook units with regard to topics, grade levels and other criteria and make them filterable via an interface. Background information on variational linguistics will also be made available.

The platform is currently being developed and is expected to be released in May 2023.

Collection Sprachvariation@Schule

Since 01/2022, the Research and Documentation Center includes the collection Sprachvariation@Schule.

The collection includes

  • language didactic publications
  • Publications of textbook publishers
  • games and other learning materials
  • scientific publications with didactic chapters
  • thematic issues of didactical journals
  • scientific publications on dialect in schools

This is organized as a virtual collection. The following link will provide you with a hit list in the KatalogPlus of the Library of the University of Marburg with all publications and materials belonging to the collection. Link to the virtual collection.

Information event in November 2022

A digital info session was held on Thursday, 11/24/2022, 3-4pm. The slides can be found here: Language Variation@School presentation. Are you interested in serving on the Editorial Board? Feel free to get in touch


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Prof. Dr. Hanna Fischer (Direction)
Mareike Krause and Ella Wissenbach (Editing & Bibliography)
Felix Klaner and Clemens Wissel (IT)


The project is supported by

  • Gesellschaft für germanistische Sprachgeschichte e. V. (GGSG)
  • Internationale Gesellschaft für Dialektologie des Deutschen e.V. (IGDD)
  • Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (Center for Teacher Education), University of Marburg