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GrammatikPro - Online tests for the consolidation of language-related competencies

Project description

The project will develop online-based evaluation tools for grammar, spelling and punctuation competence, which will be used to consolidate language-related competencies. Personal problem areas are identified through participation in the tests. Further information to reference and practice materials then provide clues for individual consolidation of one's own language-related competencies.

The competence tests are developed in the Marburg ILIAS system and are available there to all interested persons. The competence tests are primarily intended for students of German studies as well as for teachers in the preparatory service and for teachers in the school service (especially for the teaching staff from the subject German and the foreign language subjects).

GrammatikPro was funded by the project "Für ein sehr gutes Studium" (For a very good study) of the University of Marburg.


Project management: Prof. Dr. Hanna Fischer
Project team member: Michaela Dürwald
Contact person: Marina Frank

Project parts

Part 1: Competence test punctuation

The test covers knowledge of punctuation in the following main areas: uninitiated subordinate clauses, infinitive clauses, complex coordination & subordination, (non-)clause-valent elements in the ante-/postfield, (multiple) embedded and inserted subordinate clauses, coordination of adjectives in the nominal phrase.

Part 2: Competence test spelling

The test covers knowledge of spelling in terms of capitalization, hyphenation, and hyphenation for the following phenomena: Substantivation & desubstantivation, numeral & indefinite pronouns, separable verbs & verb compounds, adverbs, conjunctions & prepositions, error-prone words of German.

Part 3: Competence Test Grammar

The test covers terminological knowledge and grammatical analysis skills on the main content areas: Word Types, Phrases & Constituents, Phrase Elements & Phrase Parts, Types of Sentence, Field Model, Delimitations. The test is based on the "List of Basic Grammatical Terms" adopted by the KMK in November 2019.

GrammatikPro as an on-demand offer of the Center for Teacher Education Marburg

The GrammatikPro tests in the ILIAS system are also available to everyone interested. The competence tests can be taken as an on-demand offer/in-service training via the Hessian Teacher Training Academy. You are also welcome to contact the for this purpose. There you will receive a TAN with which you can log in to ILIAS.

The project is regularly presented in the context of further training courses of the Hessian Teachers' Academy. Dates in 2022: 08.06.2022, 22.06.2022, 29.06.2022, 01.11.2022

Project citation

Fischer, Hanna (Hrsg.) (2020): GrammatikPro. Onlinetests zur Konsolidierung sprachbezogener Kompetenzen. Unter Mitarbeit von Michaela Dürwald. Philipps-Universität Marburg.