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Exam registration

Henceforth, exam registrations will be effected via MARVIN. 

Please read the following information concerning the "Examination management with Marvin - what to expect" carefully. 

Detailed instructions - including screenshots and video tutorials - regarding the examination management with Marvin can be found in the ILIAS group "Marvin-Anleitungen" (in German). The group is open to all members of the University of Marburg. 

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Registration deadlinesRegistration deadlines

    Currently applicable deadlines for the binding registration for exams can be found on this page, bearing a list with the current dates and times at the Department of English and American Studies. 

    Please mind the deviating deadlines for module exams in the language skills courses as well as the the resepctive requirements for ungraded credit (mid-terms). 

    Without a registration for ungraded and/or graded credit, you are not eligible to take any exam. 

    A binding registration means that - after the registration period has expired - a withdrawal from the exam will only be accepted for grave reasons as stipulated in the study and examination regulations.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Requirements for exam registrationRequirements for exam registration

    Unless the requirements as stipulated in the respective study and examination regulations for an exam have been fulfilled and registered on Marvin, a registration for the exam is not possible.  

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen TAN numberTAN number

    The TAN numbers originally issued for QIS are still valid. 

    General information on the Two-Factor-Authentication can be found here as well as on the pages of the University Computer Center (HRZ)

    The TAN lists can no longer be generated by the examination office of the faculty. 

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Request for exception (Ausnahmeantrag)Request for exception (Ausnahmeantrag)

    Exceptions can be decided over requests submitted on time during the period of registration

    This must include well documented reasons. These cannot include omissions of a student’s own doing, incorrectly signing up for courses or failed exams. Good reasons could be a technical error of the exam system or your preferred examination number not being stored there.

    The approval depends on how far along the number of semesters you are (urgency) among others and at what point the course needs to be completed in the exemplary schedule. Two compulsory courses overlapping can also be an important reason – proof must be attached.  

    Please note that attending alternative electives is in principle accepted.  

    Submit applications immediately after admission to the course in question – that is following the first session. This way there is enough time to resolve the problems.  

    You request should include the following information in the form:

    • Surname, first name
    • Matriculation number
    • Course of study and key (see above)
    • Semester
    • Examination number und course title as well as examiner
    • Your email address for questions (ONLY via – NO private email addresses, PLEASE!)
    • Which prerequisites do you not fulfil or are missing from your transcript? (course title, semester, lecturer)
    • Reason for not meeting prerequisites
    • Evidence of the reason (e.g. printout of overlap in schedule or a non-admission in a previous semester. Your name must be stated clearly in the printout)

    Please use the application form for exceptions, which is available during the registration period and follow the instructions below: 

    During the exam registration period, please hand in two copies of the completed form, stapled together in paper form to the relevant Study Advisory Office during office hours:

    • Secondary School English Teacher Education (Gymnasien): Annika Kleimann-Trümner
    • BA Anglophone Studies and BA American, British and Canadian Studies: Aoife Holmes-Rein
    • BA European Literature: Walaa Said
    • BA Language and Communication: Helena Hanneder (exclusively the IAA-Module)
    • MA North American Studies: Victoria Gath

    After the application’s approval, your student advisory (Fachstudienberatung) passes on one copy to the Examination Office of FB 10 and the other copy to your course instructor (Kursleiter/in).

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Resit examinationsResit examinations

    From now on, students will have to register for resit examinations via MARVIN using the same examination codes as for the first attempt (date 01= first attempt; date 02 = resit).

    For the WS 2021/2022, the registration period is scheduled for March 15, 2022-March 22, 2022. Please mind possible changes and updates of the list of dates and times provided online and via notices. 

    The examination dates are scheduled by the respective lecturers.