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...Therefore Study 'Business Informatics'!

Deepen Your Expertise

In the Master's program in Mathematics, you can expand and deepen the specialist skills you acquired in your Bachelor's program. You will complete various advanced and specialization modules, which you can put together individually according to your interests and inclinations and the respective range of courses - you are also free to decide whether you want to set your individual focus more in the field of computer science or more in the field of business administration. In addition, there are opportunities to choose modules with practical relevance from the field of business informatics.

You will find any restrictions on enrollment under Study Composition.

Work Independently and Project-Based

To deepen your knowledge and to set your individual focus, you will complete a two-semester project work in which you will work in a small team on a comprehensive task related to scientific or entrepreneurial issues. In addition to promoting social skills, this serves to practice important aspects of project work and demonstrates typical problems that arise as well as their possible solutions.

In a seminar you will compile, present and discuss current research literature. The module 'Independent Scientific Practice Business Informatics' serves as preparation for the master thesis, in which you will scientifically work on and present a research-related problem from the field of Business Informatics. You will be individually supervised by a lecturer.