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  • Interdisciplinary Degree Program

    The Marburg master's degree program in Business Informatics builds a bridge between applied mathematics and economic sciences. The students deal with both computer science and economic questions. In-depth knowledge of both disciplines is very helpful in the later working environment and offers a unique selling point compared to graduates of a degree program that only serves one discipline. In addition, the modules from business informatics provide a clear practical relevance.

  • Excellent Supervisory Relationships

    The manageable size of the department allows for a very pleasant and personal atmosphere. The working environment among the students as well as the cooperation between teachers and students is praised by all participants and perceived as very good. The PC pools and individual rooms of the department can be used around the clock as a place of learning, and a qualified contact person is available every afternoon in the department's own learning center ('Lernzentrum').

  • Project-oriented

    The master's program in Business Informatics is project-oriented in order to establish a practical relevance and to strengthen social skills. The project work, which is - after the master thesis - the second largest module in the study program, serves to work on a more extensive real problem from the field of Business Informatics with reference to scientific issues in a group. In addition to intensive teamwork, other important aspects of project work are practiced over a period of up to one year and typical project problems are addressed.

  • Traditional University With Flair

    Philipps-Universität Marburg is not only one of the most traditional German universities, but also the oldest Protestant university in the world. Research and teaching have been conducted here for almost five centuries. The city and the university accordingly form an inseparable unit. Marburg offers a historical environment, but at the same time beams with many pubs, restaurants, cinemas and the lawns on the banks of the Lahn, which are used extensively by students. The manageability and familiarity of the city and the university, as well as their student-friendly climate, are also reflected in the department.

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