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BMBF BipoLife

The BipoLife network, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), has set itself the task of improving knowledge at the difficult diagnostic and treatment points in the course of bipolar disorder. The basis for the decision to establish a network was the realization that the course of bipolar disorder is very heterogeneous and that people suffering from bipolar disorder can have very different needs with regard to diagnosis and treatment.

Over a period of seven years, a total of 10 university hospitals, coordinated by the University Hospital Dresden, have examined and innovatively treated people in different stages of Bipolar Disorder. The focus of the network is on people with an increased risk of the disease, people in the early stages of the disease and people with an unstable course of the disease. In addition, the group is investigating which neurobiological mechanisms play a role in suicidality and which genetic mechanisms influence the therapeutic response to lithium.

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