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Course Program - Chinese

The course offered in Chinese is open to all affiliates of Philipps-Universität. It gives you a quick and reliable introduction into Chinese language and culture. The course will take place twice a week and will be taught on the A1 level. It will also include information on current issues and regional topics.

Summer Semester 2022

The course Chinese A1.1 in summer semester 2022 will be taught as an online course with a revised concept based on a new course book. For the future we are planning to offer you again a beginners' class and an advanced class on a regular basis. Please refer to the individual course descriptions for more information.

Important: Registrations for the course are binding and governed by the Language Center’s terms and conditions, in particular the withdrawal terms stated therein (para. 7-9). For the regulations for obtaining ECTS points, please see General Information about Courses.