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Course Program - Spanish

Spanish language courses offered at the Language Center are open to all members of the university. They include in-sessional general language courses with one to two sessions per week, with levels ranging from A1 to C1. In the A1-A2 range, course participants can choose between a slow and a faster-paced progression.

Winter Semester 2021/22

In the winter semester 2021/22 most of our Spanish courses will be offered as online courses. Each online course consists of course book oriented learning modules, tests and assignments, which will be supervised by the teacher via the learning platform ILIAS. In addition to the asynchronous learning there will be regular course meetings in the form of video conferences. If you would like to get more information and to have a look at some demo versions please click HERE.
Some courses are planned as face-to-face classes. When booking such a face-to-face class, please take note of the regulations in accordance with the Covid19 regulations of Philipps University.

The program of summer semester 2021 is still available in our course archive.

For questions please contact the Service Center or the head of the Spanish department Ms Carmen Bredol.

Important: Registrations for the course are binding and governed by the Language Center’s terms and conditions, in particular the withdrawal terms stated therein (para. 7-9). For the regulations on obtaining ECTS points, please see General Course Information.