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Postdoctoral Program

Our postdoctoral program is designed to assist junior scholars who have completed their doctorate in advancing their careers and further honing their skills from the postdoctoral phase to professorship.

"Designing and Managing Research Projects" (Entwicklung und Management von Forschungsprojekten – EMF) is a certifying program offered in cooperation with the University of Kassel to convey the research, leadership, and management skills required to successfully design and independently carry out a research project. The certificate is completed by an internal evaluation of your application for third-party funding. Strategic career planning or regular training courses and workshops on the application process to continue a career within academia are part of our program "Career Development for Postdocs", a joint project with Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen. Our continuing education course "Communicating Academic Content" trains you in professionally dealing with media and public relations departments and acquaints you with appropriate techniques to present your academic work to non-academic audiences.

In addition, we offer a range of continuing education formats designed for the specific needs of junior scholars who have completed their doctorate. Here, we place increased emphasis on one-on-one consulting formats, which you are welcome to combine with a course that you have taken. After a brief initial conversation, we will help you get in touch with suitable trainers and provide funding for coaching, specifically in regard to the topics of academic career planning, feedback on your (first) application for third-party funding and communication of academic content, or presentations and conference communication. We are working to expand the areas in which coaching is available in order to offer you individual support in mastering the challenges that you might face.

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Postdoctoral Program
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