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1. Before the Application

Can I Study in Germany with My Degree?

Through or uni-assist you can check whether you can directly study in Germany with your school leaving certificate. There are university entrance qualifications/HZB/degrees which directly entitle you to study and ones which indirectly entitle you to study, In the latter case you first have to attend the Studienkolleg.


Do I Have to Attend the Studienkolleg Before Starting My Studies?

If you have an indirect university entrance qualification/HZB, you have to take the Feststellungsprüfung am Studienkolleg.

Please note that you have to prove level B2 German language skills to be invited to the admission test of the Studienkolleg. In addition, other application deadlines apply. You can find more information below.

After the Studienkolleg: If you have just passed the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP) and want to know what you can study, please have a look at the table with our Fachbindungen (PDF).


Study Programs

The Philipps-University Marburg has a wide range of undergraduate study programs. The degrees Bachelor, Kombinationsbachelor (Combination Bachelor), teaching degrees state examination, magister and church examination are referred to as “undergraduate”.

There are non-restricted and restricted study programs. In order to get an admission for non-restricted study programs, it is sufficient if you apply in time and with complete documents. For restricted study programs you also need to adhere to the deadline and hand in complete documents, however, whether or not you can be admitted is ultimately decided by your final grade (NC).

You can submit a total of three applications.


Who Applies Where?

Marvin (Campus Management System)

Case 1:

I obtained my school leaving certificate in Germany or at a school with a German Abitur.


Application for a DoSV degree:

Biomedical Science (B.Sc.)/ Psychology (B.Sc.)

Case 1:

I am equal to the German applicants* and want to apply for one of the following restricted study programs:  B.Sc. Psychology und B.Sc Biomedical Science. I have to apply here:

1. I have to apply via Marvin, but before I have to register at Hochschulstart to receive the BID and BAN numbers in order to apply successfully. Also you will need to calculate your grade into the German grading system using the Modified Bavarian Formula

2.1. I apply at uni-assist , too, because they have to check my school certificates.

Case 2:

I am not equal* to the German applicants:

1.  I need to apply through uni-assist..

1.2. I am currently enrolled as a language preparatory student and I want to start my regular studies. I need to apply via Marvin and I have to choose the degree "bachelor Bildungsausländer".


Case 1:

I did not obtain my degree in Germany or at a school with a German Abitur


Case 2:

I want to apply for medicine, dentistry or pharmacy and I am not equal to the German applicants*


Case 3:

I still have to take a Feststellungsprüfung at the Studienkolleg and Did not graduate from a PASCH school.

Hochschulstart I am equal to the German applicants* and want to take a nationally restricted study program (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy)
Studienkolleg Mittelhessen

I come from a PASCH school, and first have to attend the Studienkolleg. I have to get in touch with Ms Heibrock from the Studienkolleg Mittelhessen.


Attention: other application deadlines apply!

*What does „equal“ mean? Please find more information at the websaite of Hochschulstart.


Do I Have to Learn German Before Studying?

In order to study at Philipps-Universität, you need advanced German language skills (at least at level DSH-2). You can also apply if your language skills are not yet at the DSH-2 level. Therefore, you have to apply for your desired study program via uni-assist, which you can find out more about in the next step.

we highly recommend you to start studying German in your home country up to at least level B1, so that you can start your studies as soon as possible. If you are currently attending language courses or already have certificates, upload them with your application to uni-assist.


Further Foreign Language Skills and Admission Requirements

Many degree programs require you to prove additional foreign language skills or other requirements in order for you to gain admission. Most of the times you can proof your foreign language skills through your school reports. This is how this works:

  • A2: school reports of 3 years studying the foreign language or the last 2 school reports leading to your graduation
  • B1: school reports of 4 years studying the foreign language or the last 3 school reports leading to your graduation
  • B2: school reports of 5 years studying the foreign language or the last 4 school reports leading to your graduation
  • C1: school reports of the last 5 years leading to your graduation passed with very good grades

The foreign language subjects all have to be sucessfully passed! Instead of all the certificates, you can also hand in a document issued by your school that states the duration of your studies of the foreign language at school.

On the website of the study program of your choice, you can check under the item "admission requirements", which further admission requirements you have to meet.



Application deadlines for our undergraduate study programs (when applying via uni-assist):

For a summer semester

  • 01.11. - 15.01. for restricted study programs starting in a summer semester
  • 01.11. - 15.02. for non-restricted study programs starting in a summer semester

For a winter semester

  • 01.06. – 15.07. for restricted study programs starting in a winter semester
  • 01.06. – 15.08. for non-restricted study programs starting in a winter semester
  • Other deadlines apply for the following programs: B.Sc. Biology: 15.08., Combi-B.Sc. Minor - Introduction to Biology: 15.08., Combi-B.A. Major + Minor - Media Studies: 15.08.

Application deadlines for those, who have to pass the “Feststellungsprüfung” at the Studienkolleg

  • 01.09. - 15.10. for a summer semester
  • 01.03. - 15.04. for a winter semester

These earlier deadlines also apply if you would like to enroll for German classes prior to attending the Studienkolleg.



If you have any questions about the application and admission for undergraduate study programs (Bachelor, Combination Bachelor, State Examination, Teacher Training, Magister or Church Examination), we will be happy to help you.

Philipps-Universität Marburg
Dezernat III Studium und Lehre - Besondere Auswahl-und Zulassungsverfahren

Biegenstraße 10, Raum 02009 und 02010
Office hours: Thursdays from 10 am to 12 am at the Stud-i-Point (on all other days the Stud-i-Point is occupied by colleagues from other departments, documents can be handed in there)