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Conference "Empirical approaches to the phonological structure of words"


October, 30th and 31st, 2014


Philipps-University of Marburg
Alter Senatsitzungssaal, Biegenstr. 10, 1. OG (1st Floor), room 01.029.

Invited Speakers

Natalie Boll-Avetisyan (University of Potsdam): 'The use of phonological structure for finding words in speech by infants and adults'
Adamantios Gafos (University of Potsdam): 'Stochastic time analysis of syllable-referential intervals'
Mathias Scharinger (University of Leipzig): 'Phonological features and word-specific information: Insights from brain imaging'
Renata Szczepaniak (University of Hamburg): 'The growing relevance of the phonological word in the history of the German language'

Conference Program

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No conference fee is required. However, please confirm attendance at the conference, the Warm-Up at the Restaurant "Market" (Markt 11) at 8pm and/or the conference dinner at the Restaurant "Zur Sonne" (Markt 14) with us before the 20th of October. Participants will pay for their dinner.

Call for Papers

Understanding language requires investigating its fundamental categories. One of the basic grammatical categories in linguistics is the phonological word. Due to its multidimensionality, it relates to semantics, morphology, phonology and syntax. The phonological word is nevertheless a category that has only been an object of serious study since the prosodic turn in phonology and thus cannot be considered an established category of grammatical description. The aim of this conference is to bring together scholars interested in the complex relations of the phonological word, applying different empirical approaches and thereby to encourage communication and discussion about methodologies that can be used for the empirical study of the 'phonological word'.

Call deadline: 30th of June 2014

Please submit an abstract of one page in either German or English to the email address: pw2014@uni-marburg.de

A selection of papers will be published.

Organizing Committee

Christiane Ulbrich
Alexander Werth
Richard Wiese


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