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University and Town

Landgrave Philipp founded the university in 1527 as the first Protestant university in the world. It started with four subjects: Theology, Law, Medicine and Philosophy. Today it has 17 departments that offer a wide range of subjects in the natural sciences and liberal arts. Numerous famous people studied or taught in Marburg.

Internationalisation has always been a matter of course. Currently more than 12% of the student population are foreign nationals. The University is an integral part of the scenic town of Marburg situated on the river Lahn 100 km north of Frankfurt. The town with its 80,000 inhabitants (approx. 50,000 in the centre) is dominated by the castle on the hill, its 19,400 students and about 4,000 people working for the university. A saying goes "Other towns have a university, Marburg is a university". It reflects the unique historic atmosphere. Wherever you are in the town, you are part of a vibrant academic community.

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