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Application for a place at Marburg University via UNI-ASSIST


  • UNi-ASSIST stands for "University Application Services for International Students". For the University of Marburg UNI-ASSIST deals with applications from abroad.

Who has to apply via UNI-ASSIST?

  • All those who have not obtained their "Entrance Requirement for Higher Education" in Germany or at a school applying the German regulations for the conduct of an Abitur examination. An "Entrance Requirement for Higher Education" is, for example the Abitur, Matura, A-Levels, High School Diploma, Baccalaureat, Atestat, Gaocao and others.

Who does not have to use the service of UNI-ASSIST?

  • All citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, of a member state of the European Union, Liechtenstein or Norway who wish to apply for a subject (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy) with restricted admission (restricted in all federal states of Germany). As in the past, they will have to apply to the Zentralstelle zur Vergabe von Studienplätzen, D-44128 Dortmund (http://www.hochschulstart.de
  • All persons who have obtained their "Entrance Requirement for Higher Education" in Germany or at a school applying the German regulations for the conduct of an Abitur examination. Please use this link for Information on Application and Enrolment.
  • All persons who want to apply for international study programmes, international student exchange or PhD programmes.

Where do I send my application to UNI-ASSIST?

  • Please send your application  to the following address:
    Philipps-Universität Marburg, c/o UNI-ASSIST e.V., Geneststr. 5 , 10829 Berlin

Which deadlines will I have to meet for an application to UNI-ASSIST?

  • For the Summer Semester please apply by January 15 at the latest, for the Winter Semester until July 15.
  • These deadlines are met if your application and a complete set of documents have reached UNI-ASSIST by then. Otherwise your documents can be considered only for the following semester or academic year.
  • We recommend to submit all documents already around six weeks before the mentioned deadlines. This will enable us to clarify questions that might come up.

How do I apply to UNI-ASSIST?

  • Online Application
  • For an application to more than one university participating in UNI-ASSIST please use this simplified Multi-Application Form. You will find a list of UNI-ASSIST Universities here.
  • Please enclose a complete set of documents with the completed and signed application form. Even if you apply to more than one UNI-ASSIST University, UNI-ASSIST will need these documents only once.
  • The day you send off your application, please transfer the required charge to UNI-ASSIST.

What is a "complete set of documents"?

  • The certificate that entitles you study at university in your home country.
  • Certificates, summary of grades, or transcripts regarding previous studies at a university (should you have studied before)
  • Proof of German language proficiency (for our requirements click here)
  • ASSIST asks for legally attested photocopies of these documents, in legally attested German translation. Please do not send the originals.
  • Unfortunately UNI-ASSIST cannot handle incomplete applications.

Application fees?

  • For one or the first of several applications citizens of countries outside the EU 75.- Euro
  • For every additional application for admission to a further university  15.- Euro.

How do I transfer the money to UNI-ASSIST?

  • By direct debit authorization off a German bank account. You will find a direct debit authorization form here. Please fill it in, sign it and enclose it with your application.
  • By credit card (VISA or Master Card). You will find a credit card form here. Please fill in the form, sign it, and enclose it with your application.
  • By bank transfer to UNI-ASSIST e. V., IBAN DE62100208900019055272, BIC /SWIFT-Code HYVEDEMM488, Hypo Vereinsbank. As "Purpose of Payment" please fill in your first name, surname, date of birth and citizenship. Methods of Payment see http://www.uni-assist.de/methods-payment.html
  • Please remember: The full sum of the application fee must be paid to ASSIST. That means that possible transaction fees charged by your bank must be added to the amount.

I have sent off my application – what happens next?

  • If you meet the formal requirements of an application, UNI-ASSIST will forward your data to Marburg University. Then we will notify you of admission or rejection and provide you with further information.
  • Should you not meet the formal requirements, ASSIST will inform you of the fact. Unfortunately, it is not possible to send your documents back to you. If you want to reapply in the following semester or year, you will have to hand in a new set of documents.
  • If you are being offered a place at our university but fail to complete your registration on time, we will store your documents for one year. After that they will be destroyed. We will not be able to send them back to you.
  • UNI-ASSIST will save your data in a database for four years. They will be available to UNI-ASSIST and to the universities of your choice only. After this period they will be deleted.


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