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Living in Marburg


Cost of Living

Eating out

Health and Medical Care

Leisure: More than researching, studying and working

Life is not only about work,  so the University also supports other activities: the language lab offers qualified courses as well as a self-learning-centre. The university sports centre offers over 30 different disciplines, from multiple water sports at the universities boathouses by the Lahn River and Eder Lake, up to body health with Yoga and Shiatsu. Additionally, the Sport and Study Centre Hirschegg of the Marburg University Association invites you to go skiing and hiking in the Austrian alps.

Just like in sports, also in music: students and faculty sing in the uniCHOR choir or participate in the student symphony orchestra, the Marburger Young Philharmonic Orchestra or in the student BigBand. The music house in the Old Botanical Gardens attracts students for practice sessions and the word saavy meet in the debating club.

If you would rather participate in art passively you should visit the university’s museums and collections: beginning with the fine arts and the collection of antiques and molds all the way up to mineralogical, religious and ethnological collections at the Museum anatomicum. However, the biggest tourist attraction is the castle, which is Germany’s largest preserved secular gothic building and which houses the university museum of cultural history. 

The old as well as the new botanical gardens are attractive - and not only in the summer time - with its tropical green houses and botanic exhibitions.

Culture and Leisure


The wide range of performances is ensured by several free theatre groups as well as the North Hesse State Theatre - Marburger Schauspiel - which is resident in Marburg.
The following theatres are to be found in Marburg:

Marburger Schauspiel, Biegenstraße (various venues)
Theater neben dem Turm (TNT), Affölleerwiesen 7
TTheater Gegenstand, Waggonhalle, Rudolf-Bultmann-Straße 2a


The cinema programme in Marburg comes up the standard of the big cities. Nine cinemas in Marburg show the newest films among others. In addition the student film club often presents gems from the film world.


  • Kammer, Atelier, Palette Steinweg
  • Cineplex, Capitol, Cinema, Studio Biegenstrasse

The cinema programme is in the daily paper (Oberhessische Presse) and the "Express".

  • Student Film Club (Tues. and Thurs.), Untergasse / Universitätsstraße.

Pubs and Discotheques

The cultural scene is adapted to student requirements, clearly demonstrated by the numerous pubs for students. There is something for almost every taste in Marburg's varied pub scene: from jazz, bistro, café, neon-bar, left-wing scene pubs to discos, pubs, wine cellars,...

A voyage of discovery in the Marburg pub world is worth while. At the beginning of the semester there are also a number of student initiatives that offer specially organised "pub rallies" to get to know the scene.

The KFZ, the Waggonhalle (pub, theatre and other cultural events), the Cavete (jazz live on some evenings) and the Molly Malone put on special cultural events. You can dance in the "Café Trauma" with the "Donnersdance" (Robert-Koch Str. 15a), in the "Paff" in Cölbe or in the discotheques "Ra" and "Lager" in the Kulthallen. There is also information about pubs and discotheques in the "Marbuch", available in book shops.


Two private initiatives - the Marburg university choir and the Marburg student symphony orchestra (SSO)  - give regular public concerts and are well-known and popular.

Students who play a musical instrument may practice undisturbed in the Musicians' House in the Old Botanical Garden. Information only in the Institute for Music, Biegenstr. 11, garden entrance.

Information about concerts (classical, jazz, etc.) in the daily press, in the "Express" and on leaflets in the dining hall.


The centre for university sports has a large and varied programme every semester; there are ca. 130 weekly training sessions in about 30 especially popular disciplines.
All members of the Philipps University and their families may participate in these events.Participation is basically free of charge. Exceptions are indicated in the programme.A programme booklet appears every semester, freely availablein the University Sports Office, from the ZAS, in the student office and in many other places around the university. It contains information about the courses, training possibilities, weekend or holiday courses etc., about the sports facilities and registration.
There are also special events in the university vacations and an additional holiday programme.
You can take part in courses among other things for skiing, rowing, sailing or surfing in the university vacations and at the weekends during the semester. The climax for all sporting activities is the Sport-Dies in June - the big university sports festival.
Zentrum für Hochschulsport,
Am Plan 3, Tel. 28-3974.
Office hours: Mon. 3pm - 5pm, Tues., Wed., Thurs., 9am - 12pm.
  • Sports, Games and Leisure
Physicum Fitnesswelt, Untergasse 8 (im Schlossbergcenter), Tel.: 23074
Fit & Fun, Neue Kasseler Straße 7A, Tel.: 66277
Fitness Center Galaxy, Cappeler Str. 3, Tel.: 22599

Yol Schützenstrasse 33
Quod Libet, Am Grün 37
Billiard-Center, Schloßbergcenter

Minigolfanlage, Am Sommerbad
Minigolfanlage Dammühle/Wehrshausen

Squash-Center, Willy-Mock-Straße 2, Tel.: 15311
Squash-Treffpunkt, Im Rudert 27 (Cappel), Tel.: 41670

Freibad ( open air pool)
, Sommerbadstrasse, Tel.: 23035
In the summer: by bike to the "Baggersee" neai Niederweimar.
Physicum Saunenwelt, Schloßbergcenter, Tel.: 23074
Sauna Wehrda, Sachsenring 13, Tel.: 83322.

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