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Hala Ghoname ist dem Newsletter Team des Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities beigetreten

Hala Ghoname joined the Newsletter Team of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, providing monthly reports about a variety of topics and opportunities the Ministry offers.

Hala Ghoname joined the MOA Newsletter's editing team two months ago. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiques' newsletter is an international monthly report
published in French, Arabic and English by the General Secretariat of the ministry. The newsletter provides an insight on the news, monthly
events, research articles, discoveries, exhibitions, training and workshops opportunities, and projects carried out by the MOA, and their
international partners. It is under the direct supervision of Dr. Mennat-Allah El Dorry, the Head of the Minister's Scientific Office. Mrs. Ghoname
was nominated in May 2017 by Dr. Jay Silverstein, the professor of Anthropology, and the Co-Director of the Tell Timai Project at
University of Hawaii to join the newsletter team, and then Dr. El Dory selected her. She helps with selected for publishing topics and compiled
scientific material, also with editing, translating the Arabic reports to English, reviewing, and phrasing the to be published final edition
every month. So it is not only Islamic heritage, but Egyptian heritage in general from the Pharaohs to the 20th century.


The Newsletter can be found under this link.

The Website of the Ministry of Antiquities can be accessed here.

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