FB Kolloq 24: Séamus Power

„World-Making: Field social psychology and processes of social change”


29. Mai 2024 16:15 – 29. Mai 2024 17:15
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Gutenbergstr.18, Dekanatssaal

Prof. Dr. Séamus Power, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
World-Making: Field social psychology and processes of social change”

I introduce the idea of social psychology as world-making. This conceptualiza-tion, illuminated by field research, aims to re-expand the dominant social psy-chological paradigm and create space for different ways of thinking about so-cial psychology. I illustrate the forms and possibilities of this approach through various research projects. First, I will discuss my research on social change and protest movements.  Next, I will discuss how social psychology contributed to the making of new social realities, and to the study of people making these social realities, in the context of Covid-19. Third, I will present research illus-trating that multiculturalism, not ethnonationalism, is the dominant cultural model in the United States. I end by outlining the big questions that motivate my current and future research and by considering the implications of viewing social psychology as world-making.


Prof. Dr. Séamus Power