28.09.2021 Publikation in Psychological Methods: Review of Bayes Factors

A Review of Applications of the Bayes Factor in Psychological Research


Heck, D. W., Boehm, U., Böing-Messing, F., Bürkner, P.-C., Derks, K., Dienes, Z., Fu, Q., Gu, X., Karimova, D., Kiers, H., Klugkist, I., Kuiper, R. M., Lee, M. D., Leenders, R., Leplaa, H. J., Linde, M., Ly, A., Meijerink-Bosman, M., Moerbeek, M., Mulder, J., Palfi, B., Schönbrodt, F., Tendeiro, J., van den Bergh, D., van Lissa, C. J., van Ravenzwaaij, D., Vanpaemel, W., Wagenmakers, E.-J., Williams, D. R., Zondervan-Zwijnenburg, M., & Hoijtink, H.


The last 25 years have shown a steady increase in attention for the Bayes factor as a tool for hypothesis evaluation and model selection. The present review highlights the potential of the Bayes factor in psychological research. We discuss six types of applications: Bayesian evaluation of point null, interval, and informative hypotheses, Bayesian evidence synthesis, Bayesian variable selection and model averaging, and Bayesian evaluation of cognitive models. We elaborate what each application entails, give illustrative examples, and provide an overview of key references and software with links to other applications. The paper is concluded with a discussion of the opportunities and pitfalls of Bayes factor applications and a sketch of corresponding future research lines.