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The Departmental Library of Mathematics and Computer Science (Bereichsbibliothek Mathematik und Informatik, BMI) contains an extensive and continuously updated collection of literature for students of all semesters and scientists in both disciplines. With numerous large and bright work tables and the always friendly and personal advice of the library staff, it offers very good working opportunities. WiFi is available at all tables.

Information about the book stock can be found in the Katalog Plus, in the OPAC catalogue and in other catalogues on the website of the University Library. The latter also provides access to the digital library.

The University Library (UB) in the city centre contains a basic collection of literature on all subjects as well as on interdisciplinary literature. There are also numerous workplaces with extensive opening hours. The electronic journal library offers further access to literature.

Both libraries are generally available to anyone interested.

If you have any questions, feel free to send your question to *.

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