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Communicating Academic Content –
Publicity for Your Research!

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Communicating academic content is the art of presenting research topics to the public – by means of concise texts, illustrations that convey a clear message, appealing presentations and public events that take the needs of both academia and society into account. To communicate academic content effectively encourages a change in perspective among all involved and, in so doing, promotes transparent dialogue and open-ended debates.

Communicating academic content has come to play an increasing role in the success of research proposals. Moreover, a generally accessible exposition of one's own research topic facilitates interdisciplinary cooperation. Not least, successful communication of academic content is honored with prestigious awards such as the "Communicator Award" (Communicator-Preis) and "Klaus Tschira Award for Accessible Scholarship" (Klaus Tschira Preis für verständliche Wissenschaft).

Communicating Academic Content at MARA

In MARA's training program, you will learn how to communicate your research topic meaningfully to the public beyond your specialist community. For this purpose, we offer various workshops which you can find in our calendar of events.

Here are some example workshops

  • Basics of communicating academic content
  • Media and interview training
  • Comprehensible writing
  • Accessible presentation
  • Science slams
  • Pitching
  • Social media

The individual workshops of the two-year program can be attended independently of one another and without previous knowledge. For the attendance of at least three workshops, it is possible to issue a collective certificate on request.

Additionally, MARA offers the opportunity to receive individual coaching in matters of communicating academic content.



You can find answers to frequently asked questions about public relations work at Philipps-Universität Marburg in the FAQs of the Press Department.


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