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Florian Thomas-Odenthal

Research Fellow · Systems Neuroscience in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Phone: +49 6421 58-67048

Rudolf-Bultmann-Straße 8
35033 Marburg

Research Interests

As part of my doctoral thesis, I am focusing on risk factors for bipolar disorder and how they are associated with morphometric changes in the brain. For my masters thesis, I focused on the effects of diet on depression and how differents types of reviews are associated with different types of conclusions about the benefits of diet on depression.


I studied psychology at the University of Groningen (B.Sc) from 2013-2016 and at Leiden University (M.Sc., research) from 2017-2019. In August 2020 I started my PhD in the DFG-FOR 2107.

Affiliated Projects


Publication List

Thomas-Odenthal, F., Molero, P., van der Does, W., & Molendijk, M. (2020). Impact of review method on the conclusions of clinical reviews: A systematic review on dietary interventions in depression as a case in point. PloS one, 15(9), e0238131.

Molendijk, M.L., Molero, P., Thomas-Odenthal, F. et al. There is not much to mediate [yet] when it comes to diet and depression. Mol Psychiatry 27, 776–777 (2022).