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Working Group 31 Body and Movement – Qualitative Approaches (2015–)

Over the past 20 years, the human body has attracted increased attention in various disciplines. Among the means by which the individual disciplines seek to get a grasp on the subject matter, we find various theoretical approaches such as (philosophical) anthropology, sociological praxeology, phenomenology, and others. Some academic disciplines such as sports or speech science, by definition, are preoccupied with the human body and its movements. But how can "body" and "movement" be approached empirically? Various qualitative approaches offer one way of doing so. However, when we opt for qualitative methods, we must always consider the methodology of qualitative research in the light of the theoretical framework of our own research.

The group meets approximately once per semester. Apart from discussing our theoretical perspectives, we primarily want to devote our attention to analyzing concrete data. Common among all participants is that they are involved in research of the "body" or "movement" and are interested in presenting qualitative data on this topic. Doctoral candidates from all disciplines are welcome.


Eva Maria Gauß, Daniel Rode, and Lea Spahn