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Welcome to the website of the "Behavioral Neuroscience" workgroup




  • Luan Tonelli received an award for best poster presentation ("Awakenings in cataleptic rats by ultrasounds: a new animal model for paradoxical kinesia and its possible mechanisms.") at the 10th Donders Discussion in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, October 2017, and a travel award for the ECNP Congress 2017 in Paris, France, September 2017
  • Awards_luan-ecnp
    Luan Tonelli at ECNP 2017 Paris
TONELLI, L.C., WÖHR, M., SCHWARTING, R.K.W., MELO-THOMAS, L. (2017). Awakenings in cataleptic rats by ultrasounds: a new animal model for paradoxical kinesia and its possible mechanisms. [Travel Award]

  • Moria Braun, Theresa Kisko, Dominik Seffer, and Özge Sungur received awards of the International Behavioral Neuroscience Society (IBNS) at the 25th Anniversary Meeting in Budapest, Hungary, June 2016.
    From left to right: Dominik Seffer (Travel Award), Moria Braun (Poster Award), Markus Wöhr, Özge Sungur (Travel Award), and Theresa Kisko (Travel Award).
BRAUN, M.D., KISKO, T.M., KAYUMOVA, R., RAITHEL, C., HOHMEYER, C. RIETSCHEL, M., WITT, S.H., SCHWARTING, R.K.W., GARN, H. & WÖHR, M. (2016). The Cacna1c rat model for affective disorders: Behavioral phenotypes and inflammatory markers. [Poster Award]

KISKO, T.M., WILLADSEN, M., VÖRCKEL, K.J., SEFFER, D., SCHWARTING, R.K.W., HOMBERG, J. & WÖHR, M. (2016). SERT on speed: Enhanced emission of amphetamine-induced 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations in rats lacking the serotonin transporter due to long-term adaptations in 5-HT2C receptor functioning. [Travel Award]

SEFFER, D., RIPPBERGER, H., VALLUY, J., BICKER, S., AKSOY-AKSEL, A., LACKINGER, M., SUMER, S., FIORE, R., WÜST, T., METGE, F., DIETRICH, C., SCHRATT, G., SCHWARTING, R.K.W. & WÖHR, M. (2016). Post-weaning social isolation results in ultrasonic communication deficits, cognitive impairments and alterations in microRNA-dependent Ube3a1 function on neuronal plasticity in rodents: Implications for autism. [Travel Award]

SUNGUR, A.Ö., JOCHNER, M.C.E., HARB, H., KILIÇ, A., GARN, H., SCHWARTING, R.K.W. & WÖHR, M. (2016). Aberrant cognitive phenotypes and altered hippocampal BDNF expression related to epigenetic modifications in the Shank1 knockout mouse model for autism. [Travel Award]

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