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On the following pages you will find a collection of links dealing with War Crimes Trials:

  • Co-operation partners: Here you will find pages of the co-operation partners of the ICWC.
  • Documents: Here you will find websites making accessible or providing relevant documents online.
  • Courts: Here you will find websites of Courts being involved in international criminal law.
  • Archives: Here you will find websites of archives which keep documents about war crimes regarding to international criminal law.
  • Organisations: Here you will find links to websites of organisations being involved in international criminal law.
  • Academic Centers: The following third-level institutions are dealing with War Crimes Trials and Human Rights. Below-mentioned there are links not matching with any of the categories.

This collection will be constantly expanded. Alas, the internet is changing steadily, so even though frequent controlling it can't be guaranteed the every link will lead to the expected site.
Please notify us about broken links (Contact).

Currently this link collection was last updated at November 20th, 2007.

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