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Legal Tools

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Christoph Safferling, Dr. Wolfgang Form

Assistance: Sascha Hörmann


Legal Tools is a virtual library. It includes data administration software for international criminal law. This enables users to access a wealth of information online and make practical use of it. Legal Tools consists of three parts. A data base provides a basis which contains sources on international criminal law, e.g. laws, international human rights treaties, judicial decisions, essays.The second part is an especially created exposition on substantive international criminal law and criminal procedural law. It includes application examples of evidence from international judicial practice, so-called “means of proof”. The third part is the administration and application software “Case Matrix”. It provides access to the other two parts of Legal Tools. Furthermore it serves as a tool for process managing of practical cases, such as the administration of evidences in international criminal trials. In 2003 the project was initiated by the Legal Advisory Section Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court led by the former head Morten Bergsmo. Since 2005 it is coordinated through the Legal Tools Advisory Committee to which representatives of all institutions of the ICC belong.

The ICWC and the ICC concluded an intention agreement in 2005 which was finalized in 2007. The ICWC provides relevant data for Legal Tools to the ICC in the field of international(ized) criminal judgements and national cases involving core international crimes. Since February data is being transferred to the ICC, starting with verdicts and documents the Yugoslavia Tribunal referred to in its case-law. The final resolution of the 8th convention of the contracting states appreciated the Legal-Tools-project. You can find the resolution here. Further information on the Legal Tools, other partners of cooperation and the data base of the ICC can be found on the website of the ICC. Here you will find a summarizing information leaflet.

The work of the ICWC for Legal Tools is sponsored by the Swiss Federal Departement of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Ministry of Justice.

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