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The research work at the ICWC is divided into projects. Currently we have defined the focus of our work as following.


World War II

Nürnberger Hauptkriegsverbrecherprozess
Acht der Angeklagten während des Hauptkriegsverbrecherprozesses in Nürnberg (U.S. National Archive).

In this section research fellows of the ICWC work on the accessibility and the research of war crimes proceedings in the context of historical events during World War II. War crimes proceedings can be designated as milestones in history of international criminal law. Until today they are highly relevant in practice. The research at the ICWC considers the European as well as the Asian warzone. Therefore the proceedings dealt with have been carried on in various ways. (E.g. French proceedings in France or in the French Zone in Occupied Germany, or British and American investigations against Japanese citizens). The collection of files is widely spread. It considers the extent of the proceedings and the multitude of prosecution authorities. Central tasks of the research area World War II are viewing the holdings, compiling them and systematising on a long term basis. We constantly connect with archives in and out-side of Germany. Furthermore the entering of documents into proceeding databases makes them available and usable for research-relevant problems.



International Criminal Procedure

With the London Agreement on the International Military Tribunal an international criminal procedure was codified for the first time in history. At the ICWC research is done on the history of international criminal procedures as well as on questions currently relevant in practice.


Legal Tools 

The International Criminal Court (ICC) in cooperation with external partners is working on a digital platform, namely Legal Tools. It involves databases, virtual libraries and application software on international criminal law. The ICWC and the ICC have signed a cooperation agreement on sharing relevant parts of databases for Legal Tools.


Transitional Justice

The transition of an armed conflict into a peaceful and secure period challenges a country. Especially coming to terms with, processing and the reparation of the committed crimes are demanding tasks. In the future the research project on Transitional Justice should be able to support in this duty. The research in crisis regions and the analysis of concluded transition processes should generate further possibilities and strategies.


Conferences at the ICWC

The ICWC regularly organizes international conferences. They focus on interdisciplinarity and current issues in the field of war crime trials. This brings forward the international exchange of insights into international criminal law between scientists and workers in practise, civil society, journalists, directly involved persons and further interested parties. Thus, the research fellows at the ICWC welcome guests from all over the world as well as participate at international conferences themselves.

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