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The conference participants at Boston College, Dublin.
The conference participants at Boston College, Dublin.

The conference "Contested Visions of Justice: Allied War Crimes Trials in a Global Context, 1943-1958" took place at Boston College's conference centre in Dublin from September 25-27. It was jointly organised by Dr. Kerstin von Lingen, leader of Junior Research Group "Transcultural Justice", Dr. Wolfgang Form (Marburg), Dr. Franziska Seraphim (Boston), and Dr. Barak Kushner (Cambridge).

Despite important differences in the war aims and conduct of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, war crimes trial policies emerged as globally connected domains of meting out justice that cut across the borders of nations, cultures, and continents. The aim of this interdisciplinary conference is to analyze and compare the transnational interconnections among the political, administrative, legal and social mechanisms of Allied transitional justice in the reshaping of the post-World War II world.

Over the course of three days in Dublin, participants from Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom discussed the history and legacy of international war crimes trials, the conflicting and converging visions of justice in the post-World War II world, and other topics. Divided into four panels, presenters and discussants explored the interconnections between various disciplines and approaches that analyse the post-war processes of administering justice within the global context.

Discussions and debates centred on the connections between post-WWII international military tribunals at Nuremberg (IMT) and Tokyo (IMTFE), the international legal mechanisms that these trials gave rise to and the precedents they set, and their lasting impact on the evolution of the global order after the war. The conference table at Boston College – Ireland became a meeting place for not only the contested visions of postwar justice, but also the disciplines of international law and history, and comparative approaches to national perceptions of war crimes and their adjudication. The keynote lecture on the first day was given by William Schabas (Middlesex University London) who spoke about "London 1941-1944: Conceiving the Permanent International Criminal Court".

This conference had largely been funded by the German Historical Institute in Washington and Boston College. Its organisers were Dr. Wolfgang Form (ICWC, Marburg), Dr. Kerstin von Lingen (Heidelberg University), Dr. Franziska Seraphim (Boston College) and Dr. Barak Kushner (Cambridge University).

These and further information can be found here. Please regard also the official conference flyer.



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