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Participants of the state crime-seminar Foto: M. Kienscherf

Summer School “State Crime: Crimes of the Powerful” once again a total success this year

After the Summer course was conducted in Marburg in 2016 by Prof. Dr. Kirstin Drenkhahn and Dr. Wolfgang Form, it took place at FU Berlin this year. Eleven students from the University of Marburg, from both Peace and Conflict studies, as well as, Law studies, dedicated an entire week in June to gain various perspectives on the topic of State Crime.

In the course of the Summer School the participants had the chance to hear lectures from renowned experts of the different fields such as research on perpetrators, criminology, contemporary international criminal law, transitional justice, as well as, the history of international criminal law. Perspectives on current conflicts were also included, such as the handling of crimes committed by Assad-Regime in Syria – in light of the most recent warrant of arrest issued by the German state prosecutor Peter Frank against Jamil Hassan, leader of the Syrian Airforce Intelligence – a highly charged topic. The personal story of Dora Salas was especially impressive – she was a victim of the Argentinian Military Dictatorship and up to this day her husband belongs to the many “Displaced persons”. Mrs Salas gave account on the human rights violations of the regime she had become a victim of. Furthermore, through sharing her personal struggle and the struggle of the many victims for justice and legal reconditioning of the past, which lasts even up to this day, the participants were able to gain a valuable insight.

A few doctoral candidates took the opportunity to present their thesis and transmit very interesting insights on current issues and questions in State Crime research. Yet, the nature of the course did not only bring insight through fascinating speeches from lecturers, but also, and mostly, from debates and discussions after the speeches and the willingness of the lecturers to face critical questions and arguments from the students.

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