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Health and Medical Care


Health Police (mugging, traffic accident) EMERGENCY CALL: 110
Fire brigade, fire and accident  EMERGENCY CALL: 112
Emergency doctor (Sat. Sun. and public holidays) 
Marburg-Cappel, Raiffeisenstr. 6
Tel.: 1 92 92
Johanniter (transport for the disabled) Tel.:96 95 10

Health Insurance

All students must belong to a health insurance scheme. On registration and on re-registration every student must present proof of membership in the General German Health Insurance System (AOK) or with some alternative health insurance scheme. The addresses of the AOK and alternative health insurance schemes are to be found in the "Yellow Pages" telephone book.

The insurance premium for all health insurance schemes amounts currently to DM 94,65 per month (including 14.37 DM per month for the nursing insurance). The Federal Republic of Germany has a reciprocal agreement on social insurance with all EU countries as well as with Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. Students covered by family insurance and who come from the countries named will be exempted from compulsory insurance on presentation confirmation of family insurance to the relevant health insurer. If no confirmation of family insurance is brought from the home country, then the student is obliged to submit provisionally to compulsory insurance; the premiums will be refunded at a later date following presentation of confirmation of family insurance.

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