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"M.A. International Development Studies"

The Master-Program "M.A. International Development Studies" deals with the causes, effects and general conditions of economic, societal and political development. The "M.A. International Development Studies" focuses on the interdependencies of Institutions and development processes in regional and international contexts, especially looking at non-OECD-countries. 

Schloss und Alte Universität (u. links)High methodological competence and well-founded transfer of economic and socioscientific theories, will enable the alumnis to fulfil tasks in and for developing and transition countries. Using inter- and multidisciplinary modules the "M.A. International Development Studies" prepares the students to solve explicit problems in the area of development cooperation, within international corporations, in the non-profit sector or within the scientific community.

Since its launch students from nine nations (Brasil, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda and Uzbekistan) and four continents have registered for the Master-Program "M.A. International Development Studies".


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