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Lic. phil. Livia Keller

E-Mail: livia.keller[at]
Phone:  ++49(0)6421-28-23543
Office:    01 062

Department of Psychology
Psychological Methods
Gutenbergstrasse 18
D-35032 Marburg


Academic Education and Positions

▪     2000 – 2002: Studies of psychology and history in Freiburg and Berne (Switzerland) and Jena (Germany)

▪     Since 2008: PhD, subject: „Laypersons’ punishment attitudes in the intergroup context“.

      Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mario Gollwitzer Grant by the „Cusanuswerk“

▪     2008-2010: Several teaching experiences at the University of Koblenz-Landau

▪     2010: Stay with Kevin Carlsmith at Colgate University, USA

▪     Since June 2011 working for a study of recidivism rates at the correctional facility Kassel II


Research Interests

Laypersons’ punishment motives and punitivity, black sheep effect, third-party punishment, procedural justice


Publications (selected)

Gollwitzer, M., Keller, L. & Braun, J. (2012). Retributive punishment in a social context. In E. Kals & J. Maes (Eds.), Justice and conflicts: Theoretical and empirical contributions (pp. 169-196). Heidelberg: Springer.

Carlsmith, K. M., Keller, L. B., & Gollwitzer, M. (2011). Looking Forward To Justice: Temporal Orientation Determines Punishment Motivation. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Keller, L., Oswald, M., Stucki, I. & Gollwitzer, M. (2010). A closer look at an eye for an eye: Laypersons’ punishment decisions are primarily driven by retributive motives. Social Justice Research, 23, 99-116.

Gollwitzer, M. & Keller, L. (2010). What you did only matters if you are one of us: Offenders' group membership moderates the effect of criminal history on punishment severity. Social Psychology, 41(1), 20-26.

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