Information technology and increasing global competition have triggered radical changes in both organizational structures and individual employees’ careers. Across professions, careers have become less predictable, less structured, and consequently less secure. It has been suggested that 21st century careers will be “protean”, meaning that they will be driven by individuals, rather than by organizations. Hence individuals can enter and exit organizations or career situations when they deem it fit. They also might change their once-chosen career path. Furthermore, assumptions about indicators of career success have changed. Objective indicators as salary or positon cannot comprehensively mirror career success, because they neglect an individual's subjective reactions to his or her own career.

In our research we approach the field of career from different angles looking on various career paths and career-related personal(ity) resources, traits or attitudes (e.g., geographic mobility readiness, entrepreneurial intentions, flexibility) as well as on outcomes of career choices and indicators of career success across professions, employment situations, and countries.

Selected publications

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