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Research Agenda

The research agenda of the Management Accounting Research Group is embedded in the conceptual context of the "Accounting and Finance" area.

Our research focus on empirical questions in three main areas: Incentives, value-based management and corporate governance, and additionally valuation, taxation, and financing.

  • Incentives

    Typical research questions covered:

    - Determinants of incentives for executives

    - Determinants of director incentives

    - Causal effect of incentives on firm behavior

    - Effects of regulatory changes on incentives

    - CEO contracts and CEO turnover

  • Value-based Management and Corporate Governance

    Typical research questions covered:

    - Empirical determinants of VBM systems

    - Causal effects of VBM systems on firm behavior

    - Optimal design of VBM systems

    - Effect of various corporate governance mechanisms on firm performance and firm behavior

    - Determinants and effects of compliance with codes of good governance

  • Valuation, Taxation, and Financing

    Typical research questions covered:

    - Empirical analysis of costs of capital

    - Analysis of WACC equations and corporate valuation methods under taxation

    - Effect of taxation and other regulations on firm value

    - Taxation and corporate behavior

    - Determinants of financing decisions