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Below you will find an overview of research in brief series

  • RIB 06-2023: EU Taxonomy Report

    How sustainable are the non-financial companies of the EURO STOXX 50 with regards to the EU Taxonomy? This question was assessed by the authors of the MACIE EU Taxonomy Report 2023. Results suggest that among the selected firms, only 6% of their turnover in 2022 and less than 25% of the investments were classified as sustainable under the EU Taxonomy. The study concludes that there is still a long way to go to achieve a sustainable economy in Europe.

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  • RIB 01-2021: Business Model Transformation

    Abstract: MARG, together with Porsche Consulting, has studied the merger activity of low-tech firms around the world. The collaborative research initiative highlights that low-tech firms show an increasing appetite for transformative deal acquisitions. In 2020 one out of five deals was transformative in nature. In a deep-dive, a sectoral study examining large car manufacturers, the research documents that these transformative deals can pay off for low-tech firms. 

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