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Overview of modules and lectures

The following table provides an overview and description of the Master modules and lectures offered by the MARG.

Modul/Lecture Type ECTS Assessment*
Advanced Management Accounting I Modul 6 Exam (120 min)
Advanced Management Accounting II Lecture 3 Exam (60 min)
AMA Seminar Modul 6 Presentation + term paper
Foreign Direct Investments: Accounting and Valuation Issues Lecture 3 Presentation + exam
Incentive Systems in Hierarchies and Markets Lecture 3 Presentation + exam
Empirical Studies Lecture 3 Term paper
Project study (Projektphase) Project 18 Presentations + term paper
Management Accounting with Excel Key skills 6 Assignment

*Note the assessment presented above refers to the standard assessment. The relative examination regulation governing your study may require other forms of assessment. In this case the assessment requirements of the examination regulation, you are applied to, are relevant!

Modules' and lectures' availability in the respective semester/term

The following table provides an overview of availability of the Master modules and lectures offered by the MARG. For more information please click on the module you are interested in.