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On this page you will find an overview of all former PhD students who completed their doctoral projects at The MARG.

Dr. Marina Kononova

Dr. Markus Fütterer

Dr. Iuliia Udoieva

Dr. Olena Mavropulo

Foto: Oksana Wagner

Dr. Kai Henseler

Foto: Oksana Wagner

Dr. Johannes Beyenbach

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Dr. Daniel Powell

Foto: Private

Dr. Hendrik Schuchard

Foto: Private

Dr. Andreas Killi

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Dr. Kai Blume

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    Dissertation: „Essays on Value-Based Management Systems“

    Selected Publication:
    VBM in Deutschland: Status quo und Herausforderungen, Controlling - Zeitschrift für erfolgsorientierte Unternehmenssteuerung (accessible here), Vol. 27(6)/2015, S. 330-337 (together with M. S. Rapp, F. Wiedemann, M. Wolff)

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Dr. Patrick Jaslowitzer

Foto: Private

Dr. Tobias Walther-Merkwitz