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Lecture - CFO 4.0

Created by: Oru Erhire, Jeffery Irimoren, Bright Oriakhogba, Lukas Schürger

The lecture "CFO 4.0" is offered by us in cooperation with Dr. Schrempf from KPMG. The course is intended for interested master students.
[Course language: English]


Passing the course will be based on student presentation. The 3 ECTS are creditable either as “Schlüsselqualifikation” or as part of the AMA-IV module (in combination with "Management Accounting with Excel").

Please note: Students enrolled in the Master in "Quantitative Accounting and Finance" and are the subject to the "old" examination regulation can credit the course as “Schlüsselqualifikation” only.

Objective and lecturing style:

This course is lectured by KPMG and aims to familiarize students with problems as well as opportunities arising from huge amounts of data within companies and to enable them to carefully evaluate business opportunities, risks and to acquire profound knowledge of the IT-Background process of a company.

Registration and Schedule:

Due to the seminar style of the course, the number of participants is limited. To apply for the course, please send a current CV and a current up-to-date transcript of records to Andrew Reek ().

Syllabus can be found here.

Course Materials:

Course materials will be available in due time.