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Project Study (Projektphase)

We invite students to project studies ("Projektphase") with us. The "Projektphase" is a recently implemented innovative element of our MSc program, where (groups of) students work on individually assigned projects for about six month. It is jointly sponsored by the members of the Accounting and Finance Area at the School of Business and Economics in Marburg.

While in the standard setting the "Projektphase" is rather practice-oriented, we also offer the possibility of more research-oriented projects. Projects will be announced on a case by case basis. Please visit our homepage on a regular basis for updates on offered projects. Additionally, students are invited to propose interesting projects on their own. For more details please have a look here.

Research-oriented projects: Industry-oriented projects:
Available projects: Available projects:
  1. Family Firms: Investment Behaviour & Financing Decision
    Please find further details here.

  2. Stock Market Responses to Central Bank Announcements

  3. Intra-day Patterns in Stock Markets

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  1. Kooperation mit dem Handelsverband Hessen: 
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Past projects:

Past Projects:

  1. Shareholder Say-on-Pay Voting: Empirical Evidence from Germany

  2. Familienunternehmen und implizite Kapitalkosten

  3. Retirement of Directors
  1. Board Communication & Digitalization

  2. Corporate Venture Capital: A Best-Practice Analysis

  3. Developing an internal control framework for agricultural businesses

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