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think-cell is a presentation software that makes it easy for students to create and format complex charts such as waterfalls, marimekkos and gantts, directly from linked Excel data. think-cell is also used to maintain the structure of presentations with automatically updating agendas. It is used extensively at leading consulting companies and investment banks, and will develop your presentation-making skills before you embark on your post-studies career.

The School of Business and Economics and think-cell have made the software available to Philipps-University students.

More detailed information about think-cell can be found on the think-cell website.

Usage Agreement

think-cell is only to be used for academic use by current Philipps-University students. Students who are no longer enrolled as Philipps-University students or intend to use the software for non-educational uses will need to obtain a separate license agreement. The current think-cell license key is available on request only at the Management Accounting Research Group (contact: ). 

If you agree to the usage agreement, please click below to download think-cell.

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