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Lecture - Value-based Management (Winter 2020/21)

[Course language: English]

During the winter term 2020/2021 we will hold the lecture "Value-based Management" (Modul Advanced Management Accounting I).

Objective and lecturing style:

The course aims at discussing why and how managers may create (shareholder) value. The course is structured along four modules: After an “Introduction” providing the motivation for the course and some basic concepts, we will start from the “Investor perspective” dealing with problems of security valuation and capital market theory. Next, we turn to the “Firm perspective” and discuss key issues of corporate valuation. Finally, we focus on the “Management perspective” studying problems of value creation, incentive structuring, the allocation of capital and some selected topics.

A combination of lectures, cases, discussions, and exercise sessions will be used. It is planned to integrate at least one guest lecture that is held by an industry expert.

Date, time and place:

First session: November 4th, 2020, 4:15p.m.
Further sessions: Wednesday (varying between 1 or 2 lectures between 4pm - 8pm; (expected to be online) or Thursday (again varying between 1 or 2 lectures between 2pm - 6pm; (expected to be online)

For details regarding the schedule please refer to the overview provided via ILIAS.

Course material:

Course material can be downloaded from the web-based learning platform ILIAS after the first session. For details please visit ILIAS.

Please note that for downloading materials you have to join the ILIAS group. To be up to date with information regarding the course, we advise you to follow our announcements in the group.
The password for joining the group will be announced per E-Mail - for this purpose please register for the course in MARVIN!


Please contact Marina Kononova in case of any inquiries.