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Management Accounting with Excel (Winter 2019/20)

[Course language: English]

The Management Accounting Research Group is offering a practical introduction to Microsoft Excel in a Management Accounting setting.


The course grade will be based on student term paper. As part of the AMA-IV module 3 ECTS can be credited (graded). Besides that, it is creditable as “Schlüsselqualifikation” (ungraded).

Objective and course style:

The course aims at familiarizing students with Microsoft Excel as a very useful tool for management accounting applications. After a detailed overview of basic Excel functions as well as its fundamental formulas, students will learn to apply them to real world management accounting problems. The practical application is centered on a young, but running company, with three years of operating track record. Students will learn to model a basic profit & loss statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet for the business. Furthermore, for future planning, univariate regression analysis and further advanced techniques are implemented. The results of these forecasts are then used to prepare a reporting summary for the executive.

The course is open for bachelor- and master students. 

Registration and Schedule:

For registration please follow the following procedure: Send your CV and an up-to-date transcript of records to Markus Fütterer ( not later than 4th of November, 2019.

Please note: The number of participants is limited to 25 – first come first serve principle!

Excel files used in the class can be downloaded as the course progresses from ILIAS.

Due to limited seating: Excel will be available on the PC Pool computers, however students are advised to bring along private laptops with Excel 2013 installed.

The course will take place on 8th of November (voluntary) and 21st-23rd of November 2019.

For the kick-off slides please see here.

For a detailed time schedule and venues please see the syllabus here.