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Timothy Williams

Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Philipps-Universität Marburg » Zentrum für Konfliktforschung

Timothy Williams

Telefon* 28-24455
E-Mail* timothy.williams@staff
Raum 01013
Gebäude Geb. Ketzerbach 11
Adresse Ketzerbach 11
35032 Marburg (Paketpost: 35037 Marburg)

*Die allgemeine Vorwahl für die Telefonnummer lautet "+49 (0)6421". E-Mail-Adressen sind nur im Intranet klickbar. Um eine richtige E-Mail-Adresse zu erhalten, fügen Sie bitte ".uni-marburg.de" bzw. "uni-marburg.de" an.

For more information on my vita, my publications, talks given and many more facets of my academic work, as well as my work as an activist, please visit my website.


Research interests

By training I am a comparative political scientist but my work also touches fields of sociology, social psychology, history and even some anthropology and criminology. I am currently working on a number of projects. Some are larger, some smaller; some in collaboration with others, some alone. Broadly the topics I have some expertise and interest in include:

  • Genocide and mass violence - individual perpetrator participation and broader dynamics and causes
  • Transitional Justice and dealing with the past - victim participation and perceptions of Transitional Justice
  • Memorials and the politics of memory
  • Political sociology, poltical attitudes and political values
  • Multi-method research (MMR) frameworks
  • Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)

My regional expertise is primarily located in Southeast Asia, specifically Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand, as well as in Rwanda. Furthermore, I am also very interested in conflict processes in other parts of the world, especially the Balkans and elsewhere in the Great Lake Regions. Also the historical cases of the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide have received large attention in my work.

For more information on my research, please see the research section on my website.




Office hours/Sprechstunde:

by appointment/nach Absprache

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 08.01.2018 · Schiftne

Zentrum für Konfliktforschung

Zentrum für Konfliktforschung, Ketzerbach 11, D-35032 Marburg
Tel. +49 6421/28-24444, Fax +49 6421/28-24528, E-Mail: konflikt@staff.uni-marburg.de

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