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Welcome to the Museum of Religions

Sonnengöttin Amaterasu mit Hachiman und Kasuga (sanja takusen) The Museum of Religions represents the diversity of the world’s religions by means of objects and images.  It offers all members of the university and the general public the opportunity to get directly acquainted with this diversity through visits and tours. The exhibition rooms contain numerous cultic figures, images, icons, scroll paintings, ritual objects and house altars, as well as various models and replicas, that portray the myriad forms of religious life.

The administration of the Museum of Religions is conducted directly by the Provost’s Office of Philipps University. The Chair for the Study of Religions in the Faculty of the Social Sciences and Philosophy oversees its direction and supervision.  This association between the Department of the Study of Religions and the Museum is mutually beneficial – teaching and research is enhanced by the presence and availability of a diverse collection of religious objects, while the meaning and significance of the objects themselves is continually deepened and enriched through ongoing scholarly study of them.

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Leihgabe an das British Museum in London
Zehn Objekte der Religionskundlichen Sammlung sind seit dem 2. November 2017 im British Museum London in der Sonderausstellung Living with gods. Peoples, ...

Memorandum of Understanding unterzeichnet
Kooperationstreffen zwischen der Religionskundlichen Sammlung der Philipps-Universität Marburg und dem Sankt Petersburger Staatlichen Museum für ...

Begleitprogramm zur Sonderausstellung "Es gibt keinen Gott"
Veranstaltungen während des "Internationalen Museumstags" am 22. Mai und der "Nacht der Kunst" am 24. Juni 2016

Bericht zur Vernissage der SinnRäume
Die Sonderausstellung SinnRäume öffnete am 29. Oktober 2015 in der Religionskundlichen Sammlung ihre Türen

SinnRäume: Einblicke in gelebte Religiosität in Deutschland
Ab dem 02. November 2015 - Eröffnung am 29. Oktober

Ausgepackt: Erneuerung der Welt in China
Schenkung des Museums Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf, an die Religionskundliche Sammlung, Marburg

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