Workshop Bilingual Teaching


20. Juni 2023 14:00 – 20. Juni 2023 18:00

Raum 00C03, Bunsenstr. 2, 35037 Marburg

Bilingual courses offer a wonderful opportunity for students to put their fledgling foreign language skills to use in practice. Beyond this, in immigration countries, it has become a matter of significant practical concern: How can knowledge of a subject be transferred to pupils whose mastery of the classroom language is rudimentary at best? Driven especially by this development, bilingual learning is finding its way into elementary classrooms and even kindergartens.

We’ll discuss the didactic theories behind bilingual content courses, as well as the practical advantages and potential pitfalls of offering such courses. The workshop character of this course means that, in addition to discussing principles and methods of bilingual teaching, participants will be engaged in pairs or small groups to create and presenting actual classroom content.

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Leitung: David Zook